Iliso Labantu’s photo weekend in Langa went really well last week. Langa is the oldest township in Cape Town and has a really dynamic feel to it. There were some great photo opportunities such as the old dark hostels, pet tortoises, endless chicken vendor activities, a handmade bridge, and all the shacks in between. 

We set up our editing base in a little room behind a community center and sent 12 photographers out with local guides to shoot for 2 days. They would sporadically come in and out to download/edit photos with our volunteers, charge batteries, and get their peanut butter jelly fill. Even a ginger loaf! We also brought in a few new photographers who ended up doing great work. We will be setting up an exhibition next Saturday outside the post office in Langa to thank participating community members. These exhibitions usually turn out quite well because they both exhibit the great work of our photographers as well as display different perspectives that locals may not often see.  

This was the first photo weekend that I was able to help out with and I left so impressed with how it went. The level of comfort and welcomeness between the community and our photographers was something that i’ve NEVER experienced while shooting. 

Above is some documentation of the weekend. I will post photos of the exhibition as well as selected photos soon. 

Thanks to Sonia Hamilton, Nikki Rixon, & Charlie Shoemaker for helping out.